What To Do With A Rival Guitar Player

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Your probably thinking, “Jed, that picture is dumb.” To which I say “Yes, you are right. Is the guy in the center wearing eye shadow?” Unfortunately, it was the best pic I could find to illustrate the problem of rivalries among musicians. Most of the time this isn’t a problem (guitar player rivalries, that is, […]

Why Your Worship Ministry Matters to Your Church

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I remember when I first started serving my church’s worship ministry. I had been playing guitar for almost two years and had just gotten my hands on a brand new Carvin SC-90. Church needed an electric guitarist and I had a knack for putting in nice little touches in songs. I also had a knack […]

How to Become Your Worship Leader’s Favorite Musician

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Have you ever thought about what it would take to be your worship leader’s favorite musician? Unfortunately, many guitarists never do, but it can be a great mental exercise for us as guitar players and servants. When we do, we start thinking outside ourselves. When we start thinking outside ourselves we encounter paradigm shifts. When […]

How to Program Your Fingers into Greatness

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Do you remember the scene in The Matrix when Neo is “training?” Morpheus looks over at Neo strapped to a chair with a jack in his head and Neo says with tired surprise in his voice, “I know Kung Fu.” Neo had Kung Fu programmed into his mind like a computer program. What may surprise […]

To solo? Or not to solo?

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That is still the question. And I know someone who knows the answer. And so do you. This seems to be on the forefront of every guitar player’s mind. There is something about solos that really captures the moment. It’s like there is some emotion that is building in the room being inspired by the […]