The Rehearsal Survival/Excel Guide

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1.Be set up and ready to play by start time, even if no one else is. Doing this will communicate volumes about how seriously you take rehearsals. Do this, sound great, and you will be a well-trusted guitar player. 2. Listen to the music, know your parts. 3.Be ready for anything. Changes happen at the […]

What the Playstation 3 taught me about playing guitar

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Like many of you, I just discovered that we can buy a Playstation 3 for $299.99. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles. This caught my attention. Sweet action-packed excitement in full 1080p glory. Not to mention it can read Blu Rays. When this historically low price came out, I told a friend that I might […]

Full-Proof Strategy for Escaping Your Rut

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Perhaps I’m just picky, or perhaps I have unreasonable expectations, If you have followed this blog or just read the about page you can probably tell that I don’t like ruts. I despise them. Ruts are those times in our guitar-playing-life when we seem to be stuck to certain (and old and boring) patterns of […]

How to Program Your Fingers into Greatness

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Do you remember the scene in The Matrix when Neo is “training?” Morpheus looks over at Neo strapped to a chair with a jack in his head and Neo says with tired surprise in his voice, “I know Kung Fu.” Neo had Kung Fu programmed into his mind like a computer program. What may surprise […]

The Number One Secret to Improving Your Playing Exposed

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There is a secret to playing better. Some know it; some don’t. The players you see playing for the likes of Desperation Band, Hillsong United, Paul Baloche and Chris Tomlin definitely know this secret. The players you meet who are good enough to play for any of those guys know this secret. The question is, […]