Pedal Profile: Xotic Gold AC Booster Limited Edition

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BACKGROUND: Where the BB Preamp is supposed to be a cranked Marshall, the AC is supposed to be more like a cranked American amp (Fender). The Limited Edition Gold AC Booster is the same thing as the regular, just gold with only 500 in existence. GUITARS: PRS Standard 22, 1986 Fender MIJ Tele ’62 Reissue […]

My friend is sick…and I’m okay with that…

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Some of you (like me) suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). I have a friend who seems to be particularly infected. His name is Q. I call him Q for two reasons. First, that is the first letter of his name. Second, it makes me feel like James Bond when I call him that. He […]

Pedal Profile: Durham Sex Drive (The Most Awkward Post Yet)

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BACKGROUND: This pedal is made by Alan Durham of Durham Electronics. As the story goes he never intended to mass produce boutique pedals. Alan’s friend Charlie Sexton, a guitar player who played for Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and others as well as an award-winning producer, asked Alan to make him a clean boost pedal that […]

More Cool Pedals You Should Know About

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Here is another look at the cool, strange and unique pedals that are out there. Tortuga Neptune Opto-Vibe This pedal is a modern two channel Uni-vibe equipped with an optical sensor. That’s right: an optical sensor. It makes for some really interesting on-the-fly expressions of the Vibe. This combined with the two independent channels makes […]

3 Pedals You Should Know About (But Not Necessarily Buy Right Now)

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There is nothing so intoxicating to a guitar player as effects pedals. Sometimes I’m amazed at their hypnotic hold on me. I will be looking at ProGuitarShopDemos on Youtube for a lot longer than I care to admit (if you haven’t discovered this Youtube channel then check it out). Pedals really are fascinating little devices. […]