The First Time I Played A Timmy

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Last night I was able to steal some time in between work and friends to play the Timmy. I didn’t really know what to expect. I heard so much hype about the Timmy before I ordered one and even more after, I was afraid I was going to be disappointed. You know, like when Star […]

Pedal Profile: Xotic Gold AC Booster Limited Edition

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BACKGROUND: Where the BB Preamp is supposed to be a cranked Marshall, the AC is supposed to be more like a cranked American amp (Fender). The Limited Edition Gold AC Booster is the same thing as the regular, just gold with only 500 in existence. GUITARS: PRS Standard 22, 1986 Fender MIJ Tele ’62 Reissue […]

Pedal Profile: Tanabe Dumkudo

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BACKGROUND: This pedal is handbuilt in Japan by Toshihiko Tanabe. The flagship pedal is the Zenkudo meant for humbucker style guitars. The spawn of this pedal is the Dumkudo, a higher gain version of the Zenkudo, meant for single-coil bolt-on style guitars. Some of us make a big deal about blue LED lights in pedals. […]

Pedal Profile: Hermida Zendrive

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BACKGROUND: This pedal is built by Alfonso Hermida, a gear head who wanted nothing more than to work for Electro Harmonix. Tragedy struck and Electro-Harmonix went out of business so Hermida settled for second best: NASA. Retiring from NASA, Hermida set out to create a Robben Ford-tone-in-a-box. His creation: the Mosferatu. As rumor has it, […]