The Elements Of A Great Worship Guitarist

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What separates the good worship guitarist from the great worship guitarist? The mastery of not just musicianship and technique, but also character and attitude. Here are some elements of a great worship guitarist. Humility: This doesn’t mean a lack of confidence, or worse, false humility. This does mean you can take constructive criticism well. It […]

3 Ways To Lead Worship From The Guitar

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For those who are new to, this is a post that was first posted last year. Hope it is helpful. You have probably figured it out by now: Playing guitar isn’t enough. More is needed than just a guitar part. You are not there to just provide a backing track. You are there to […]

The Rehearsal Survival/Excel Guide

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1.Be set up and ready to play by start time, even if no one else is. Doing this will communicate volumes about how seriously you take rehearsals. Do this, sound great, and you will be a well-trusted guitar player. 2. Listen to the music, know your parts. 3.Be ready for anything. Changes happen at the […]

What the Playstation 3 taught me about playing guitar

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Like many of you, I just discovered that we can buy a Playstation 3 for $299.99. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles. This caught my attention. Sweet action-packed excitement in full 1080p glory. Not to mention it can read Blu Rays. When this historically low price came out, I told a friend that I might […]

“Can You Turn Down?” Simple Ways To Master Stage Volume

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“Can you turn down?” has to be the four most irritating words we can hear as guitarist. It seems like no matter what we do, we either compromise our tone or become number two on our sound engineers most wanted list (second to the drummer). Getting good tone at a manageable volume can be difficult […]

How To Keep Your Guitar Parts Fresh

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Have you ever reached your hand into a bag of potato chips just to full your mount with the shards of week-old salty grease-laced flakes? Then you wonder what you were thinking when put your hand in that bag. When things are fresh, things are good. When things are stale: not so good. We can […]

3 Pedals You Should Know About (But Not Necessarily Buy Right Now)

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There is nothing so intoxicating to a guitar player as effects pedals. Sometimes I’m amazed at their hypnotic hold on me. I will be looking at ProGuitarShopDemos on Youtube for a lot longer than I care to admit (if you haven’t discovered this Youtube channel then check it out). Pedals really are fascinating little devices. […]

3 Ways To Lead Worship From Guitar

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You have probably figured it out by now: Playing guitar isn’t enough. More is needed than just a guitar part. You are not there to just provide a backing track. You are there to lead your congregation into genuine worship of the Risen Savior. We have a lot to think about when playing guitar and […]

What To Do With A Rival Guitar Player

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Your probably thinking, “Jed, that picture is dumb.” To which I say “Yes, you are right. Is the guy in the center wearing eye shadow?” Unfortunately, it was the best pic I could find to illustrate the problem of rivalries among musicians. Most of the time this isn’t a problem (guitar player rivalries, that is, […]

Why Your Worship Ministry Matters to Your Church

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I remember when I first started serving my church’s worship ministry. I had been playing guitar for almost two years and had just gotten my hands on a brand new Carvin SC-90. Church needed an electric guitarist and I had a knack for putting in nice little touches in songs. I also had a knack […]