How to Become Your Worship Leader’s Favorite Musician

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Have you ever thought about what it would take to be your worship leader’s favorite musician? Unfortunately, many guitarists never do, but it can be a great mental exercise for us as guitar players and servants. When we do, we start thinking outside ourselves. When we start thinking outside ourselves we encounter paradigm shifts. When […]

How to Program Your Fingers into Greatness

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Do you remember the scene in The Matrix when Neo is “training?” Morpheus looks over at Neo strapped to a chair with a jack in his head and Neo says with tired surprise in his voice, “I know Kung Fu.” Neo had Kung Fu programmed into his mind like a computer program. What may surprise […]

3 Vital R’s to Reach Guitar Perfection (1 of 4)

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Practice makes perfect, right? For some of us this mantra has become like a thorn in our flesh. We practice until our calluses hurt and our wrists are sore and we don’t seem to be anywhere closer to perfect than when we started. So what do we do? Give up our dreams of playing the […]

The Number One Secret to Improving Your Playing Exposed

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There is a secret to playing better. Some know it; some don’t. The players you see playing for the likes of Desperation Band, Hillsong United, Paul Baloche and Chris Tomlin definitely know this secret. The players you meet who are good enough to play for any of those guys know this secret. The question is, […]