Pedal Profile: Xotic Gold AC Booster Limited Edition

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BACKGROUND: Where the BB Preamp is supposed to be a cranked Marshall, the AC is supposed to be more like a cranked American amp (Fender). The Limited Edition Gold AC Booster is the same thing as the regular, just gold with only 500 in existence. GUITARS: PRS Standard 22, 1986 Fender MIJ Tele ’62 Reissue […]

3 Ways To Lead Worship From The Guitar

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For those who are new to, this is a post that was first posted last year. Hope it is helpful. You have probably figured it out by now: Playing guitar isn’t enough. More is needed than just a guitar part. You are not there to just provide a backing track. You are there to […]

Does Tone Really Come From The Hands?

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I have heard this phrase since I was a teenager first learning how to play a D and G chord. People would talk about the great Stevie Ray Vaugh or Jimi Hendrix and how their tones moved there souls and it came from there magical hands. “It’s all in the hands” repeated in my brain. […]

Pedal Profile: Hermida Zendrive

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BACKGROUND: This pedal is built by Alfonso Hermida, a gear head who wanted nothing more than to work for Electro Harmonix. Tragedy struck and Electro-Harmonix went out of business so Hermida settled for second best: NASA. Retiring from NASA, Hermida set out to create a Robben Ford-tone-in-a-box. His creation: the Mosferatu. As rumor has it, […]

What To Do When Nothing Seems To Feel Right In Practice

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Have you ever showed up to rehearsal and nothing seemed to jell? It is frustrating. No matter what you do, switch guitars, tweak EQ, change voicings, you can never seem to get things to mesh right. Worse of all, you can’t seem to get a handle on what is wrong. When this happens, the best […]

Taking Tone To The Next Level: Pt 2

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In a frenzy of tonal expectancy, I ordered the speaker. Scouring the I decided on the 12” HM75 speaker because it was the closest speaker to the Celestion G1T2T-85 already in my R-55. It felt like it took longer than it really did to be delivered. When it did arrive, I immediately texted my […]

Taking Tone To The Next Level: Pt. 1

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This is the question that is on my mind most of the time and I’m guessing on yours as well. No matter where we are on the tone hierarchy we are always trying to get to the next level. Getting to the next level can often feel like inventing the light bulb. You try a […]

A treasure I didn’t know I had

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There is something about rediscovering old gear. It’s like getting something for free. A piece of gear that you forgot about shows up on the radar and all of a sudden you have a “new” piece of gear. This just happened to me. Three years ago I found a 1985 Mesa Boogie Mark III 100 […]

3 Pedals You Should Know About (But Not Necessarily Buy Right Now)

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There is nothing so intoxicating to a guitar player as effects pedals. Sometimes I’m amazed at their hypnotic hold on me. I will be looking at ProGuitarShopDemos on Youtube for a lot longer than I care to admit (if you haven’t discovered this Youtube channel then check it out). Pedals really are fascinating little devices. […]

Master Your Musicianship

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You can have all the gear in the world, the best guitars, the best amps, but if you don’t have musicianship it isn’t worth anything. Gear without musicianship is like a clanging symbol. I’m getting my metaphors mixed up but it is true. Here are 8 powerful tips to master your musicianship. 1. Listen for […]