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Gift ideas for Guitar Players | Ways To Customize Your Guitars

Gift ideas for Guitar Players | Ways To Customize Your Guitars

Gift ideas for Guitar Players | Ways To Customize Your Guitars

9 Ways to Customize Your Guitars

Acoustic guitar care, Craftsman is changing the strings, Close up
Acoustic guitar care, Craftsman is changing the strings, Close up.

How a guitar looks can speak volumes about the guitarist’s personality. A guitar is a very personal instrument that many musicians refer to as man’s best friend. So if you have a guitar sitting in a corner and not being played too often, a fresh look would refill your motivation to pick it up.

In this write-up, you can read about the nine unique ways to customize your guitar. There are some easy ways and some that take a lot of commitment and cash. Also, don’t forget to check out https://artistseriesguitar.com for all the guitar-related stuff. But, first, let’s dive into the customization processes.


Putting stickers on your guitar is not only among the cheapest customization tool, but it is also among the flashiest ones. You can quickly get stickers of your liking and slap them on the body of your instrument. As a result, you can showcase your favorite band and be proud of it.

  • Cheap and easy to customize.
  • Stickers can also cover dents or scratches on your instrument.
  • It helps you flaunt your interests by using a specific sticker.
  • You may leave glue stains if you want to undo the sticker.


Straps are convenient and non-committal customization to your guitar. If you think your guitar looks great, it will look better when paired up with an elegant strap. Furthermore, it also elevates the playability of the instrument. Finally, straps will keep your guitar attached to your body, standing or sitting. It has the following advantages:

  • Keep your guitar safe.
  • Available in all colors and material types.
  • Not necessarily cheap customization since you can choose from basic cloth straps to premium leather straps.
  • Easy to install and undo.

Colorful Strings

Adding strings to your guitar is not necessarily customization. However, adding colorful lines will change the outlook. Strings wear out pretty quickly or gather rust if not cleaned regularly. Thus, this will be your chance to replace your old/worn-out lines with fresh and colorful alternatives.

  • A whole new look to the fret board.
  • Looks fantastic when the colorful strings vibrate.
  • Cheap and easy to install.
  • Bright strings are not for everyone, as they can be a bit gimmicky.
  • Look unprofessional.

Tuning Pegs

When you look at a guitar’s headstock, the things that stand out the most are the tuning pegs. Tuning Pegs are what you turn to adjust the tuning of your instrument. The tuning pegs are already of premium quality if you have a premium guitar. However, you can still change them to endow a fresh look to your instrument. Tuning pegs are available in gold, silver, chrome, matte black, and many other color options. Even though the customization is subtle, it can give a new theme to your headstock.

  • Committal customization.
  • It may damage your guitar when handled by an inexperienced luthier.
  • Locking tuners are expensive.
  • Not recommended unless necessary.

Pick Guard

Pickguards in guitars are like common sense in people; some have them, and some don’t. While guitars like the Fender Strat come with a pickguard equipped, others like Ibanez prestige don’t have them. A well-chosen pickguard will not only enhance the outlook of your instrument but also prevent it from getting scratched. Consequently, it is imperative to be a wild strummer and play rhythm most of the time.

  • Cheap and easy to install.
  • It can spice up the look of your guitar, especially with the color selection.
  • It also doubles up as a guard tool from pick scratches.
  • Easy to replace.


This one is for the artistic musicians out there. If you are good at sketching, then you might as well leave a mark on your guitar. Treat your guitar as a canvas and let the artist within you do the work. In addition, it will give you a new look and enable you to be creative and draw according to your will. Finally, your drawing will improve your spiritual connection with your guitar and inspire you to pick it up more.

  • It will make you feel good about yourself as well as your guitar.
  • No cost associated.
  • It might be a committal decision.

Paint Job

If your guitar is pretty old and you want a fresh look, you can go for a paint job. The latter will let you pick any color and refresh the outlook of your instrument. Also, if you previously ruined your guitar with inappropriate stickers and doodles, this can be a viable option to undo them.

  • It can be expensive if you hire an experienced luthier to do it.
  • It can enable you to pick your favorite color.

Bridge Pins

Acoustic Guitar string bridge pins
Macro shot of acoustic Guitar bridge pins

Bridge pins are the most miniature customization you can do to your guitar. And chances are, you might never notice it. Bridge pins are the caps that put the strings in place on the bridge of the guitar. So even though the change is minimal, it is still possible to customization.

  • It enables you to replace your plastic bridge pins with premium bone ones.
  • Small details matter a lot for seasoned players concerned about their instruments.

Glowing Neck Inlays

Are you a night owl who prefers to practice late at night rather than in the morning? If yes, this is the perfect customization option for your guitar. You can replace the boring white dots on your guitar’s fret board with a glowing neck inlay. Moreover, you can also choose and customize the design of the inlays.

  • It helps to navigate the fret board in the dark.
  • It increases the coolness points of your guitar.
  • Relatively expensive customization.


All the customization techniques mentioned above can spray a fresh look on your instrument. It can reignite your passion and encourage you to play it more, which will help you improve as a musician. Thus, customizing your guitar is not just about how it looks but also about your journey as a guitarist and your connection with the instrument.

A guitar is a precious thing to own, and having the ability to customize it according to your will can elevate that experience further. Feel free to gift customization items to your guitarist friends!

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