Welcome to worship with guitar!

Hi, and welcome to Worship With Guitar. 

Woman playing a custom guitar that she got at an affordable price

Based on the recent feedback we saw, we decided to theme this blog around two main ideas:

  1. Gift Ideas
  2. Customization

But instead of bland information, you’ll likely find it elsewhere, and we dig into four main driving questions behind each of the ideas. 

  1. What does the product represent? As in, what if the product wasn’t there? What would we see?
  2. Who owns the company behind the product? And can we figure out how they interact with people?
  3. Who’s talking to you, like right now? 
  4. When would I advise against buying a specific product or service?

I’m guessing that the fourth question is the most important one. We all know that we can make some mistakes. But ideally, those mistakes operate within a small zone instead of in a big one. 

And that’s my main vision for this blog:

Without it, and with the current conditions in the “market,” I can picture more people making more mistakes. 

Some people will search for and narrow down that zone or errors by coming to this blog!    

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