Is God Calling You To Get Out Of The Way?

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ChuchbymountiansAs worship leaders, we can feel the need to get out of the way. This idea is to help us be humble. And that’s a good thing.

The idea of “getting out of the way” is “to give God room to work.” God doesn’t need us to accomplish anything so we do the bare minimum and watch God do His thing.

Although this is true, I wonder if we tend to let our own ideas creep in. Do you notice something about “getting out of the way”? It assumes that God wants to work around us, or despite us, and not through us. I’m not sure that’s a correct assumption.

Remember Jonah? God called him to go to Nineveh to “deliver the message I have given you.” Jonah wants to see Nineveh destroyed so he runs from God and the assignment. God is so intent on working through Jonah that God has a big fish swallow him up.

God could have sent lighting from the sky to strike down Goliath. Instead He worked through a teenage shepherd who was considered too young for battle.

If God had wanted the disciples to “get out of the way,” Jesus may have stayed on earth. And why not? Who better to preach the Gospel than the Son of God? But Jesus didn’t stay here on earth. He ascended to heaven and sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples–the same disciples who tend to make pretty bone-headed mistakes. God wasn’t content with the disciples being spectators; He wanted them to get in the game and work through them.

I have a feeling God doesn’t want us to be spectators either. Certainly there are times in the Bible when God worked despite people, but that doesn’t seem to be His first choice. For whatever reason, God seems pretty adamant about working through us rather than despite us.

What if God isn’t calling you to get out of the way?

What if God is calling you to get in the game?

What if God doesn’t want you to watch an inspired church worship?

What if God wants to work through you to inspire a church to worship?


PS. This post talks about a way God can work through you. Check it out.

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