STOP! You Need To See This Before You Learn The Nashville Number System

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music theoryA little before Easter, posted a youtube video called 4 Music Theory Fundamentals. It is awesome.

I’ve written quite a bit about the importance learning the Nashville Number System. This has been kind of cruel of me. I’ve told you it’s important, but I haven’t told you how to learn it.

This video is the first step. It doest a great job of covering four basic elements of music theory that act like the key-stone to music theory.

  1. The Musical Alphabet
  2. Half-Steps & Whole-Steps
  3. Sharps, Flats & Naturals
  4. The BC & EF Rule

Take five minutes to watch this video.

I love what Nate Savage says at the end. “Music theory is like a good book. You get more out of it every time you read through it.” My experience says the same thing.

Plan on always learning about music theory. In the words of Chris Tomlin: Don’t Ever Stop. Even when you review music theory, you still learn new implications and applications.


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