Zombies, Heros and Worship: 3 Reasons to Memorize Music for Worship

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MusicStandWe’ve all done it.

We will probably do it again soon.

At some point in our lives, we have all gone through an entire worship set without looking up from our music stand.

And why not? Memorizing can be hard work. There are tricks you can use to make it a lot easier (more on that at the end), but for many of us it takes time and effort.

At the end of this post I will give you a hint that will make it a lot easier to memorize music, but for know let me give you three reasons why memorizing music for church and worship is worth the time and effort.

1. It Frees You Up To Worship.

When you are on stage, what do you think about the most? Are you preoccupied with what chord you have to play next or are you occupied with worshiping? Playing the right chord is a must, but if that is at the forefront of our minds than we are missing something the worship experience has to offer.

By taking the time to internalize the music, you make the worship experience more meaningful for yourself. You free yourself up to be a worshiper rather than a just a musician. God has a lot to offer you during the worship experience. Don’t miss out.

2. Find Your Inner Super Hero.

hero3I’ve been leading worship and playing guitar in churches for over a decade. I still get nervous every once in a while. The main reason is I won’t be as familiar with a song as I would like to be.

I have been amazed by how much more comfortable and confident I am when I have memorized the music. I worry less. I’m more relaxed. I have more fun. If leading worship and playing an instrument on a worship team is making us uptight or anxious then we might be doing it wrong.

3. You Will Be Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse

The sight of a musicians and singers staring at a music stand is as inspiring as a solid state Crate practice amp (nozombies-animados-31314 offense if you use one). When we get accustom to relying on chord charts something strange happens to us. Something sinister and unnatural. We become zombies. Music Stand Zombies. We look dead, yet we somehow move our hands and fingers in the appropriate place.

Memorizing the music will help you become something else: human. You will look like a human, move like a human and just plain be more human. Zombies turn other people into zombies. Humans inspire other people to worship God. Avoid being a zombie, be more human, memorize the music.

I Ain’t Got Time For That

Some of you might be thinking, “Jed, This is great but I don’t have time to memorize all of this music.” Let me confess something to you: I don’t either. That’s why I have an ace up my sleeve to free me from the chain that is the music stand.

I’ll talk about that in the next post. For that post, we’ll take a trip to Tennessee.

If you want to read that post as soon as it’s published, follow the blog on Twitter at @WorshipWGuitar.

Until next time, keep sharp and memorize a couple songs.



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