Dear Worship Leader: How To Make 2014 The Best Year Yet

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sparkling_2014_lightsDear Worship Leader,

I’m not sure if you are full time or part or just a volunteer; if you rocked an ugly Christmas sweater because you’re a hipster or because you didn’t know if was ugly, or if you play guitar, keys, banjo or even drums.

What I do know is that we worship leaders have a lot of challenges when it comes to leading worship and coordinating a worship ministry and we have to stick together.

I also know that during a time of season when we are all making New Years Resolution, we all have our worship ministries in mind and we are resolving to make 2014 better than 2013.

If that’s you than here are some tips that will can help make this the best year yet.

1. No Credit Necessary

Its good to get feedback both positive and neg…eh…constructive, but sometimes flattery can become our drug. It takes a lot of courage to get on stage in front of our friends and family (and our senior pastor), so when we hear we are doing something right it can be a very it can be encouraging.

Its good to be encouraged and to learn from what people may say, but it is important to make sure that compliments don’t creep up on us and become our reaso

n for leading worship. If flattery becomes our drug then we will get a fleeting and hollow high, and when we don’t get compliments we will crash.

Be encouraged by feedback. When people do compliment you don’t make it a huge deal; simply say thank you and remind yourself the real reason you lead worship is because you serve a God worthy of worship.

2. Communicate Clearly

I’m not sure what the exact percentage is, but if we did a super-scientific study on how much of a worship leader’s job was communicating it probably be around 90%.

Think about, scheduling musicians and worship leaders: communicating. Making chord charts for musicians to use: communicating. Running a rehearsals: communicating. Introducing a new song in a way that gives it meaning for the congregation: Communicating.

Improve your communication skills and you will improve your entire ministry.

3. Set Your Team Up For Success

Setting your team up for success won’t just make your team more comfortable with what they do, it will make them more comfortable following you.

Make everything doable. Make it easier if you need to. Don’t just communicate what they need to do, show them how to do it too.

4. Catch People Doing Things Right

This is powerful. In most of our lives we are accustomed to being caught doing things wrong. When we mess something up or we make a mistake we are used to somebody highlighting it and letting us know that they know.

This means that for many people, their entire motivation for doing something right is to not get noticed.

As a leader you can change this for your team and it will give them a comfort and an enthusiasm to serve the worship ministry.

Rehearsals are probably the most convenient time to do this. Give a musician a thumbs up during a song. After you get don’t with a song, point something someone did well. Catching people doing things right when they do something right can dramatically change the culture of a worship ministry.


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