More Confessions of One Praise & Worship Guitarists

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  • Sorry Line 6. I’ve given up on my M5. It’s just not working out. We keep trying this relationship every now and then and I think it’s finally time for us to part our separate ways. It’s no you it’s me and you. We are just better apart than we are together. Good bye.
  • Any body want to buy an M5?
  • How important is the tone coming out of the speaker of my amplifier? Am I the only one who thinks about this? I’m asking this assuming what every good guitarist assumes: that great guitar tone is the one of the greatest forces for good the world has ever known. Thus, it is worth obsessing over like I (we) do. But the tone coming out of the speaker of my amp then travels through a mic and then a soundboard and then power amps and then the house speakers before it hits people’s ears. You see, I’m not asking if I’m obsessing too much about my tone; I’m asking if I’m obsessing enough? Or am I obsessing over the most vital part? Let’s think about it this way. Let’s say from my guitar to my amp speaker is the first half of the “chain” and the second half is from the mic to the house speakers? Which half matters the most? I have been operating as if the first half is more important, the pedals, guitar amp, cables, etc. But is it? Brewster plays through software and sounds awesome. He is also brings a sound engineer with him where ever he goes. Hmmm…
  • I think I need to buy the sound guys at my church gifts, lots of gifts, and see if my tone improves.
  • I really want to play through a Van Weelden Twinkleland. I’m not even sure how many are in the US but it can’t be very many. I just have this feeling that if I played one it would ruin every amp for me from there on. If anyone wants to let a guy in Des Moines Iowa play through there Twinkleland, I know have a contact page you can email me through.
  • Shimmer (that octave up in reverb) is too bad. I kind of like. I just bough an Eterna from Mr. Black Effects and I’m digging it.
  • Have I ever told you what great guys my sound engineers at church are. The greatest human beings you will ever meet.
  • The only thing I really use Facebook for anymore is for the groups on gear and guitar playing. I wonder if this is a trend? If so, perhaps forums as we know know them are slowly on the way out and perhaps Facebook will one day be nothing more than collection of Facebook groups.
  • I’m currently watching Joe Bonamassa: Live From Royal Albert Hall as I’m writing this. I wonder if I could convince the deacon board that we should buy a second drum set for the main sanctuary?
  • There are certain things in life, no matter how difficult, are still worth pursuing. Getting a good nights sleep is important, but not always most important.
  • Joe Bonamassa doesn’t play through a Line 6 M5. It’s one of the many things him and I have in common.
  • Dear Joel Houston, there is a lot of synth in that Zion record. It’s great and all, but there are limitations to what my wah and delay pedals can do.
  • Joe Bonamassa and I don’t really have very many things in common.
  • Creating is hard work. It’s worth it.
  • Melody is a beautiful and elusive thing.
  • The Shure SM-57 is a great mic, but do you know what’s better? Two Shure SM-57s.
  • When ever I’m thinking a lot about tone and gear this one quote keeps popping into my mind: “Practice solves most tone issues.”-John Suhr.

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