New Years Resolution

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We all make them. Sometimes we keep them. Sometimes we keep the for six months and sometimes we keep them for two weeks. This post means I’m no better than anyone who has ever made has made a New Years Resolution. Who knows, maybe I’m no worse either.

Funny. I can’t remember the last time I heard someone talk about their New Years Resolutions in November or December. Has anyone ever talked about their resolutions from last year? Probably, but not within listening distance of my ears.

So here is my attempt at some New Years Resolution: Create more.

That means a several things:

  1. Create more blog posts. If you like how that sounds and if you ever meet a good P&W guitarist in the little town Ankeny, Iowa you should thank him. He is largely responsible for inspiring me (or nagging me) to resurrect this blog. It’s my plan to create more practical, entertaining, stimulating blog post than I have before that you and others who play guitar in churches around the world will find helpful, useful and inspirational.
  2. Create more worship songs. It’s been a long time sense I have taken writing songs seriously and it is time to start again. My goal is to either write or co-write 20 worship songs in 2013. Although I probably won’t post any on this blog I may link to one from time to time as well as share lessons I learn along the way.
  3. Create more killer tones. It’s just too much fun. I am a guitar player and tone is my candy. There is nothing quite like nailing the right tone for the right note for the right song at the right time. It’s a beautiful alinement of planets and I can’t wait to pursue it even more in 2013.

The blog is coming back. Hopefully with a vengeance (in a Christ-like-love sort of way). There are to many lessons to learn, sounds to hear, and thoughts to express not to. So after a two year break, here’s to a great year of praising God, playing guitar and meeting and interacting with a lot of great people.

In the mean time, keep improving, keeping getting better, and keep sharp.




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