Confessions Of One Praise & Worship Guitarist

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Everything I think but don’t always say:

    • I never really use modeling much…if you don’t count the delay pedals I have owned. Most of those would be classified as modeling.
    • I don’t spend enough time reading, concentrating and meditating on the scriptures.
    • Tonal arguments aside, the main reason I don’t use modeling is because I hate opening up instruction manuals.
    • I’m horrible at multitasking. Sometimes I’m also horrible at single-tasking.
    • I just bought a Line 6 M5. That’s a big step for me, okay.
    • Sometimes I wonder if I could separate my guitar playing half and my worship leading half if my worship leading half would approve of my guitar playing.
    • Where would we be without Delirious?
    • I still try to sound like the guitarist I heard in high-school (except for Mark Tremonti). Someday, as sounds and styles change, I will have to stop that. (Like I did with Mark Tremonti).
    • Worship starts on Monday morning.
    • I can’t figure out how to save presets on my M5. I’m really starting to dislike modeling. And instruction manuals.
    • Paul Cochrane is just the coolest guy ever. Sometimes I toy with the idea of getting on the list for one of his pedals just to have a quick conversation with him.
    • Nashville Number System. That is all. For now.
    • I have been playing guitar for a little over 13 years I think. I’m just now starting to get into fuzz pedals.
    • Don’t tell anyone, but I kind of think Klons are over priced.
    • Timmys are under priced. (New that is).
    • I promise my playing doesn’t sound anything like Creed.
    • If I’m holding a guitar in a room full of people, sometimes I play the intro for “Party In The USA” just to see who notices.
    • Oh. Btw, I once learned the intro for “Party In The USA.” I hope that doesn’t effect our relationship.
    • I still don’t know when to use ‘effect’ vs ‘affect.’ The one exception is the phrase “pedal effects.” I know I have that one right.
    • The “Neatest Pedalboard” Thread on maybe my favorite thing on the internet.
    • I may not be a legitimate praise and worship guitarist. I do NOT own a Strymon pedal.
    • I sometimes miss my old Zendrive with the scuff in the corner.
    • Do people even still care about the Zendrive?
    • Even after all these years of leading worship and playing guitar, I still have to check my attitude.
    • So it looks like Eventide is releasing what they are calling the “greatest hits of all the Eventide pedals.” Officially it’s called the H9. On an unrelated note, would anyone be interested in buy my M5?

  • Others have speculated on this before and I think it’s true. With the release of pedals like Line 6’s M series, Strymon’s Mobius and Eventide’s H9, one day tone snobs and purist everywhere will look at there pedals boards and face a hard reality: they are using multi-effects pedals again.
  • In a corporate worship setting, good tone and good playing is not the end; it’s only the means to an end.
  • You should pay attention to Paul Baloche. The man has a mix of things you don’t often find together: experience and relevance.
  • My pedal board isn’t pretty enough. That’s important because as we all know, tone is in the eyes.

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