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Some of you may have noticed a mysterious absence of my on the site. Good news is I haven’t been kidnapped by “Spectre” (British spelling…I think). Bad news is I have been I haven’t had a decent internet connection in about a month. This has made it increasingly difficult to write and edit articles and posts.

My solution: putting the Log back in Blog. I’m going to be writing in more of a journal format for some posts. What is a “journal format” you ask. It’s a fancy way of saying that there will be more spelling errors, post will be more varied in length, and I will just write about what I’m thinking about at the time concerning worship, guitar playing and gear. Please give me grace.

The articles and Pedal Profiles will come as I get more time and figure out what I’m going to do about choppy internet access. In the mean time, I hope little rants, blurbs, and tweets not on twitter will interest you…hmm…this site may be doomed.

Keep sharp…even if my writing isn’t.


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  1. rhoy says:

    “journal format” … i like that. type away then :)

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