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We can’t stay sharp on our own. Some of us may not be in a local community of guitarists who would teach and challenge us. Enter the internet. It has a wealth of information to keep us up to date, informed and motivated. Here is just a sample.

How To Play It
1.Chad Tipps (Tippys) is one of the guitar players for Desperation Band and New Life Church. Starting with Desperation’s “Everyone Overcome” release, Tippsy has been featured alongside Erik Todd in every New Life Church album. His tones and parts are rich

2.So it’s Saturday night and you still don’t know the riff for Hillsong’s “God One and Only” yet. It’s late; it’s crunch time. That is when you just need someone to show you how the riff is actually played. No sketchy tab, no vague chord chart–you need an actual video. Go to for a wide range of songs. If it is modern worship, it’s on this site.

3. a website produced by Integrity Music. This is a great place not only to find out about the latest music Integrity is putting out as well as finding authentic chord charts. Check it out.

Making Life Easier
4. is a web service that my church discovered last year and it has changed everything for the better. Transposing chord charts just takes a couple clicks. Scheduling, a couple clicks. Getting plans, set lists and order of services…you guessed it, a couple of clicks. If you or your worship leader is stressed out keeping everyone on the same page, show them this site and video.

Introducing Planning Center Online from Planning Center on Vimeo.

Heart Checks From A Musician And Pastor

5.Glenn Packiam is a worship leader/song writer/associate pastor/author/New Life School of Worship Director/Former Desperation Member and lucky for us, he blogs once a week. He can be deep yet simple and has an honest motivation to seek the heart of God. Go hear for a good heart check.

Good Old Guitar And Worship Talk
6. is run by Karl and his blog is splendid (hehe). He is prolific, honest, thoughtful and funny, and his blog is worth reading regularly. His posts range from useful how-to information to great gear demos to humorous yet thought-provoking posts. Give this blog a read, unless you become insecure every time you see a bigger pedal board than yours; then don’t visit here ;). To see even more links visit Karl’s post

When You Want To Kill Time
7. I have spent way too much time on this website and I hope you do, too.

If you have some other resources, please share them with us by telling us in the comments.

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  1. rhoy says:

    i love the fact that these guys are putting in so much time/energy in sharing their knowledge! btw, that includes you! 😀

  2. Jed says:

    Thanks Rhoy, wish I could get stuff up more often.

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