Pedal Profile: Xotic Gold AC Booster Limited Edition

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BACKGROUND: Where the BB Preamp is supposed to be a cranked Marshall, the AC is supposed to be more like a cranked American amp (Fender). The Limited Edition Gold AC Booster is the same thing as the regular, just gold with only 500 in existence.

GUITARS: PRS Standard 22, 1986 Fender MIJ Tele ’62 Reissue

AMPS: ’97 Rivera R-55, 65 London

FIRST IMPRESSION: When Q brought it over the first thing I thought was “It’s gold!” I like the way it looks. Gold may be the new silver. It has really good-sounding low end, not too punchy and not too sloshy. It just sounds natural and you can feel it through a wood floor.

It is a very smooth-sounding pedal, very Tube Screamer-esk. It emphasizes the mid-range of the guitar tones;this characteristic is always welcomed in my book.

PROS: When you roll the bass down and turn the treble up (3 o’clock), it doesn’t sound brittle. It is still a very usable tone.

When set to a clean boost setting (volume maxed, drive at its lowest), it gives the tone more attack and a pinch more sustain than the clean tone.

CONS: Q tried the Booster through the 65 London and said the two didn’t play well together. For whatever reason, when I plugged it in through the R-55, it sounded amazing. Through the London, it was less smooth and more sterile.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This pedal is like a top quality Tube Screamer that won’t sound bad. I messed around with the EQ and couldn’t get it to sound bad. Obviously I preferred some settings over others, but for the most part this pedal was just giving me usable to amazing tones. This pedal doesn’t play favorites with its settings. If you’re sick of the Tube Screamer you bought at Guitar Center, seriously look into this pedal.

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  1. rhoy says:

    i don’t have much experience with pedals yet, let alone a TS-type OD. the only one I had was a Sparkle Drive and I really miss the sound of it at times. I may have to look into this later!

  2. Jed says:

    I’m thinking the same thing. Q returned this pedal just because he felt he had an unjustifiable surplus of overdrives, but when I’m ready to upgrade from my Ibanez Tube Screamer, I will probably turn to the AC Booster.

  3. Karl says:



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