My friend is sick…and I’m okay with that…

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Blaaaach!Some of you (like me) suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). I have a friend who seems to be particularly infected. His name is Q. I call him Q for two reasons. First, that is the first letter of his name. Second, it makes me feel like James Bond when I call him that.

He is spending an irrational amount of money on gear. I like this. It means I get to try out some pretty cool (and sometimes just plain pretty) gear, tell you about it, and not have to hurt my check book…too much.

I’ll use his gear a lot for Pedal Profiles. When I list a 65 London or an Eric Johnson Strat in the Pedal Profiles…yeah…they aren’t mine. They are Q’s.

Q has supplied me with a couple new pedals to profile, so here is a hint of what is coming in future gear posts:

-Xotic Limited Edition Gold AC Booster
-Xotic BB Preamp Andy Timmons Signature
-Love Pedal Kangi
-JTK Alchemy

When Paul Cochrane finally sends me a Timmy, that will go up, too. Until then, Q’s gear will be work for some great material.

Keep Sharp,


5 Responses to "My friend is sick…and I’m okay with that…"
  1. Quentin says:

    First, I will say, that this Q individual, whomever it may be, is a fine and upstanding gentelmen. That said, the AC booster has been returned. Also, the pedals represent an investment opportunity for gear equity growth, dependent upon market volatility, and represent very little investment risk in that market value of said items are expected to at least maintain, but more likely will increase beyond the initial unit value. The individual in question also received a moderate bonus (not wallstreet golden parachute style, but enough to merit further gear investment opportunities meeting all standard liquidity and investment suitability requirements). In addition to a recent amp sale and a future amp acquisition that will result in a net gain due to the lower price of the new amp compared to the higher price of the old amp which was sold. And in closing, the “sickness”, ( which I am down with) will be cured by the antibiotic of a completed pedal board in approximately the next 2-4 weeks.

  2. rhoy pamparo says:

    it’s nice to have friends that are heavily afflicted with Gas, isn’t it? and I’m sure that Q guy is very generous person that he might even consider sending some of his gears up north here in Canada! :)

    past 3 months have been a struggle for me, too! Xcotic EP-Booster, Strymon Brigadier, Catalinbread DLS, Diamond Compressor and a Boss TU-12EX! wow, i really felt sick after typing that … i should really stop going to gear-related websites and craigslist! hehe

  3. Quentin says:

    How do you like the brigadier and the dls, i have heard great things about them. I think Q may have an illness sometime for a brigadier:-)

  4. Jed says:

    Ha Ha Ha (evil laugh) let it begin, let it begin, let it begin!

  5. rhoy says:

    hey Quentin, I am loving the Brigadier. I also have a Diamond ML (3+ years) which I am willing to kick out of the board if I’m in need of real estate becuase of the Brig. DLS is great, too. I really liked it especially on a live situation. Bedroom level is ok but once you hear it loud, it will make you grin :)

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