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ed56bcaf45a6a4c831a501d71ee51734_image_285x241BACKGROUND: Xotic is owned by PCI, a company based in in Los Angeles, California, that specializes in exporting high end music gear to Japan. Xotic was founded to make high-end basses in 1996. In ’99 Xotic started producing effects for both guitars and basses.

The first BB Preamp was a main staple for Xotic and based on Marshall Plexi tones. Later, Xotic teamed up with Andy Timmons to create the Andy Timmons Signature BB Preamp which is a little warmer and more compressed than the original. The BB Preamp MB came out in December as the first offering from the new Xotic Custom Shop.

GUITARS: Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic, 1986 Fender ’62 Tele Reissue with Texas Special Pickups.

65 London 2×12 Combo

FIRST IMPRESSION: Hmmm…silver. Always good.

The MB seems cleaner and clearer than the original BB Preamp and less compressed. I still haven’t compared it to the original, and it’s been a while since I have played the Andy Timmons signature, so we will see how I feel once I play those.

PROS: This pedal has a great Marshall Plexi sound to it. It still has a very transparent sound yet includes the Marshall attitude. It has a distinct Lincoln Brewster quality to it. So if you love Brewster but can’t stand Line 6, check this pedal out.

The EQ control on this pedal is a breath of fresh air. While most pedals just have a tone control, the BB Preamp gives the user control of treble and bass separately. The MB takes it one step further with the much needed Mid control and boost. The mid-boost makes for some great clear attack to help the guitar cut through the mix with out sounding frail and brittle.

This pedal plays well with Tube Screamers. I used a TS9DX set to the TS9 with the clean boost setting (Drive at 0, Level at max). It was great for solos, a little bit of volume increase, a little bit of gain increase and hardly no change in tone.

CONS: The LED is red. Not blue, not green…red. Can a pedal be considered boutique if the LED is the same color as the LED in the Boss Metal Zone? Some how this is effecting the sound. It probably would sound more “Dumble” if the light was blue. That said, it would probably sound less Brewster.

I really am having a hard time finding more “cons” on this pedal. It is a Marshall-sounding pedal with a rarely seen mid boost control. How can you mess that up?

This pedal really does have a Brewster feel, which is great for someone like me who can never get modeling gear to sound good.

Every guitar I plugged through it sounded great and kept it’s unique character. It was articulate, clear, Brewster-like and gave me a mid control that I’ve never had on a pedal. I love this pedal. It’s not going to replace the Zendrive, but Zendrive is going to have to share some room on the pedal board.

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5 Responses to "Pedal Profile: Xotic BB Preamp MB"
  1. Ryan Crabb says:

    LOVE THAT PEDAL!!! You can get some edge Joshua Tree sounds out of it to.

  2. Jed says:

    I’m going to have to try to get that. I was so fixated on Brewster tones that I didn’t even think of the Edge. Shame on me.

  3. Ryan Crabb says:

    Yeah, he used a vox and a marshall on that record… we concentrate alot on his delay, but he has some great tones.

  4. rhoy says:

    i have read/heard many good things regarding Xotic’s lineup of pedals. A friend guitarist had the BB & RC at one point but had gotten rid of it since. I wished he’d told me so I could probably have bought it from him. Although I ended up buying an EP-Booster earlier this year … I digress …

    Anyhow … how about a video demo in the next one 😉

  5. Jed says:

    Both what I have heard about Xotic and what I have experienced first hand tells me that Xotic really know what they are doing.

    I would love to do some video demos. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to make them any good right now. It will probably be a while before I can start churning out pedal videos.

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