3 Pedals You Should Know About (But Not Necessarily Buy Right Now)

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istock_000004539465xsmallThere is nothing so intoxicating to a guitar player as effects pedals. Sometimes I’m amazed at their hypnotic hold on me. I will be looking at ProGuitarShopDemos on Youtube for a lot longer than I care to admit (if you haven’t discovered this Youtube channel then check it out).

Pedals really are fascinating little devices. They can give an arsenal of sounds that makes the electric guitar such an intriguing instrument. These pedals add to that arsenal. Some of these pedals are a little more practical than others, but I’ll let you decide that.

1. Tap-Tempo Tremolo.
Let’s face it, delay is a standard. Without a good delay pedal, it is pretty hard to call yourself a WorshipGuitarist. Some of you even have two delays on your board (and I salute you).

But you want to go beyond the standard. Tremolo is the way to go. It can give your guitar parts that dash of color to take your sound to the next level. In the past I have always been a little queasy about tremolos because it was so hard to match the tempo with the beat of the song. Not any more.

Here are a couple of tap-tempo tremolos.

Best used with delay.

2. Switch or Controller or True Bypass Loop Pedals
I’m not actually sure what these pedals are called but they are cool. These pedals are for all of you who have “too many” pedals (as if that were possible). You use all of them. In fact it is really entertaining watching you use all of them. It is sort of like a tap-dance going from your clean/delay sound to your lead sound.

That tap-dance is exactly what these pedals eliminate. You take the rest of your pedals and loop them into the controller pedal which allows you to create ‘patches’ using your trusty effects boxes. The sounds that took you four stomps to create will now only take one.

I don’t know if he realizes that the point of these things is to make your pedalboard less messy. Oh well. Here is one by Rivera.

3. Wah Probe

And now for something completely different. Just watch.

That’s cool.

Let me know what you think about these pedals in the comments and if you know of any other really great pedals tell us about those too.


3 Responses to "3 Pedals You Should Know About (But Not Necessarily Buy Right Now)"
  1. Jon Phillips says:

    Sweet post man. I love that rivera thing. Its cool to see some more gear related stuff on here, in addition to your other awesome posts. I love pedals!!!

  2. rhoy pamparo says:

    i have the Empress Tremolo and I love it. I don’t think I’ll ever replace it nor remove it on my board :)

  3. admin says:

    I have heard it is a great pedal. I still don’t have one on my board but for when I do the empress is in serious contention.

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