On Rehearsal Pt 2 (Mountains & Axes)

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Last time I told you about my friend Justin. If you didn’t read it, click here. In that post I told you about Justin’s journey from wobbly to wizard (musically speaking) and how that affected how long our rehearsals were and how well we played music. In my anecdotal evidence (the most unscientific of all the […]


On Rehearsal Pt 1 of 2 (The Education Of A Wizard)

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Let me tell you about my friend Justin. He’s 14 years old, skinny with unkempt hair. Usually he wears basketball shorts and a blank white Tee shirt and a pair of glasses that remind you of Harry Potter. He has a quick smile and an easy laugh. Is almost always in a good mood and […]

I Wrote Something For Worship Leaders

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But I didn’t write it on this site. I wrote it for It’s called 8 Essential Areas for Growth and you can click here to read it. Read it and pick one of these things to work on for the next month. When you pick one to work on, put it in the comments. […]

e-gitarre /e-guitar

4 Essential Musicianship Reminders

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Do you want to know the secret to being a good musician? The key to unlocking next-level musicianship in your playing? If you do, keep reading. If you don’t, click here to watch three tiger cubs wrestling. Still here? Wow. You’re missing out on a lot of exotic cuteness. You must want to improve your […]


Musical Job Descriptions For An Excellent Worship Team

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Every instrument has a different role to play in contemporary worship music. You’re all like musical X-Men. Your instrument (or mutant powers) are different, but together you are more effective than if you were apart. Even though every song is different, here’s a general overview of the job descriptions for each instrument. ACOUSTIC GUITAR Generally, there […]

Monetizing The Blog…Sort Of

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I really enjoy blogging. Writing for you helps me understand this whole thing we call worship and worship ministry a little better. I always want to be 100% transparent with you. When there is a change happening on the blog, I’m going to tell you. There is a change that won’t really effect you at […]


Is God Calling You To Get Out Of The Way?

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As worship leaders, we can feel the need to get out of the way. This idea is to help us be humble. And that’s a good thing. The idea of “getting out of the way” is “to give God room to work.” God doesn’t need us to accomplish anything so we do the bare minimum […]

Talk To Your Church

4 Steps To Transform How You Talk To Your Church

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Dear Worship Leader, what parts of leading worship do you really like? Is it playing your instrument? Experiencing the presence of God? Do you enjoy running rehearsals? Maybe you really enjoy the people you lead worship with. If you lead worship there are probably parts about leading worship you really like, but there are probably […]


4.5 Vocal Tips From Phil Wickham

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Have you ever thought about leading worship as an athletic event? If you have, then you’re not far off. Your vocal cords are muscles. They need proper warm up, technique, and recovery. For worship leaders, our ability to sing is a gift. Like any athlete takes care of his body, we should take care of […]